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Our Story

Who? We started Dabuyu as a new kind of baby shoe company. As parents and avid shoppers of baby products, we felt there was an opportunity for a more personalized, fun and unique shoe for kids. Or maybe it was just because my oldest daughter wanted to wear a different shoe to school every day so I thought there has to be a better way than buying more shoes! We've spent a lot of time designing and handcrafting our shoes and patches with a focus on the tiniest details. None of our products are finished until our children love them and we hope that your children will love them too.

Why? We want to build a business that gives back to our community and helps improve the lives of women and children everywhere. A portion of all profits goes to our Dabuyu Charity that supports child health research and health projects. We are currently supporting the Lucille Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford University with breakthrough research to solve rare children health disorders. Our goal is to grow Dabuyu’s business and succeed so that we can in turn help others.

Dabuyu? Well, "W" is my daughter's favorite letter of the alphabet and when she says the letter "W" it just brings a smile to our faces. We hope our shoes might do the same for you!

Thank you for visiting us. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to reach me at karen@dabuyu.com.